Tuesday, September 22, 2015


its now been more then one year
since i gave up trying to keep ViRTuaL ATTIRE open in second life
i know this because i have Halloween designs from last year
and last year was the first time i had enough time for a IW Halloween

anyone who knows me knows i hate change =^.^=
but the fact is ViRTuaL ATTIRE in IW has come a long way in the last year
the store had reached a point were i could no longer fit a new design o.O

so i am pleased to present the new Virtual Attire building for Inworldz

in building one you will find all of my latest designs
in building two you will find the neko designs, skins, seasonal & breedables
(& over time more designs from building one)
the front door of the store has not really moved location ....
& all your fav things are inside dont worry MM Board Lucky Chairs Freebies
its all still there don't freak, lol
upstairs shows you some of the architecture that made me want this change
i hope you guys like the new building too !!
(if i stop being grumpy cat for 5 minutes i think i could like it)
to my group: thank you for all your love & support over the last year

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