Tuesday, February 3, 2015

feet update to 2.0

virtual attire mesh feet have just been updated to 2.0
now includes:
skin & nail color hud with rgb field
bonus taylor swift avatar stockings with show hide hud
also includes [boxed] lighter skin version
& virtual attire mesh feet version 1,0 (old version)

free updates to 2,0
i shall be looking for all the people who purchased 1.0
& sending them a free update =^.^=
thanks everyone for your support in my foot fetish, lol
this foot is the same shape as the taylor swift avatar
& the same shame as the i feet medium foot
this means it can wear shoes for SLINK medium foot shape

this design is exclusive to inworldz

also at this stage i am retiring the old virtual attire MESH feet to avoid confusion about fitting the new MESH high heels for our MESH feet (black MESH feet & blue leopard MESH feet). i have also retired two MESH feet outfits i didn't like fiery feline & i want candy

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