Thursday, September 18, 2014

ive got a bad disease

new release by virtual attire - deadly love
this design was hand drawn by shannara llewellyn
apparently linden labs think they own our creations
i drew this from scratch by hand ... i disagree
what are you going to do linden labs ban me?
you've made an enemy out of me & 1000's of your customers
this design is only available in

I can only think of one reason why they would rather close my account than collect the taxes. They don't want to spend the time adjusting their software and putting more burdeon on the accountants.
They would rather have the SL economy shrink instead.The law that seems to have initiated this came into effect July 1, 2014. So as each person now tries to use PayPal and runs into this and decides not to fill in the form they will also have their accounts terminated.I am not sure how this is a sign of anything other than SL is dying and can't afford to adjust its accounting practices and would rather terminate accounts instead.

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