Tuesday, July 1, 2014

peace - an actual article o: from kitty

i like peacefulness i play SL to relax and i hate dramatic loud abusive people.  it seems that giving away things attracts a lot of people to your shop thus increasing the chance of bumping into a loud and dramatic abusive person due to this reason i am seriously considering burning my mm board.  i am certainly reducing the amount of free things i give away to reduce the amount of work stress dramas and lag that comes with it.  everyone please remember i came to SL to make clothes if you waste my time or verbally abuse me i will likely mute you maybe even ban you from my land.  i am not accepting your negative energy, i am staying positive and creative

an example of negativity

[00:55]   [insert avatar name]: funny u calling these girls noobs but ur av is 5 years old and ugly as fuck

[00:56]   [insert avatar name]: before you talk shit about others how about you lear to speak English

upon discussing the matter with [insert avatar name] they said they were

[insert avatar name]: no it doesn't because i was sticking up for all the other girl
well that's nice but if someone is upset by something i am sure it is good to give them a chance to speak for themselves?

to assume they were upset when no one said anything at all to indicate they were that emotion then begin verbally abusing people when no one asked you too, are you the vigil anti mother Theresa?
i have also noticed a lot of negative people talking in groups lately over wowmeh, phat azz, leg gaps and general appearance like eye spacing, to you i say you judgmental people you are the people in RL who constrain creativity of writing, art & fashion and shame on you for trying to put people in a square in a world were we can be anything.

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  1. I just wanted to leave you a comment saying I appreciate all your hard work and all you've done. I've bought and also won through Midnight Mania and Lucky Chair many great outfits from your store. Many people have complimented my clothes and before LL ruined the fun I directed them to Wish Song.

    Thank you for all you've done. I will continue to follow this blog and your group for updates.

    ~Iris Melody aka IrisBloom Resident