Tuesday, December 24, 2013

sale on now 50% off everything !!

its Christmas and as a thank you to my customers i am having a sale on all my designs until after new years eve.  The sim will be closed for a few days after Christmas for a sim rebuild (first time ever) so you better shop fast because i am closing the sim soon ... the sale will be on after the rebuild but not for too long.   please simply tell me if you find any boxes not reduced i am only 1 human with 1800 outfits.

thats 50 % off lolas
thats 50 % off phat azz
thats 50 % off mesh & even more % off mesh hud
theres even more then 50 % off petite yabusaka
50 % off hair sometimes more
thats 50 % of all the CHRISTMAS new releases

the sim will be closing down on the 26th of december for a rebuild so i wouldnt fluff around on this sale !!


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