Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ViRTuaL ATTIRE in Inworldz a new Virtual World

ViRTuaL ATTIRE is just that virtual clothing to virtual people it is not limited to Second Life if you follow our website you may already know that ViRTuaL ATTIRE has extended into other virtual games such as IMVU. Our head of our Research & Development Department encourages us to extend ViRTuaL ATTIRE to new virtual worlds ... Lace Winslet the ViRTuaL ATTIRE Security Guard told me the owner about a new world called InWorldz and its all her fault ... lol.

ViRTuaL ATTIRE is now establishing a presence in InWorldz
Come visit us at our new location!
Envious Creations Our Sister Store is Next Door!
(we may never play Second Life again) (joking linden)

ViRTuaL ATTIRE Main Store in Inworldz

Elf Store Gets a New Sign

I love photography as you may guess if you ever walk through my store and see the thousands of pictures of my avatar lol. My SL sister wanted a better picture of my avatar for her profile because she made a new picture for her (ill take any excuse to fire up my photo studio) ... the picture turned out so good we decided to use it for our elf add ... here it is
If you havent been in our Elf Section yet make sure you take the time to check it out Elf is a huge growing fashion and you wouldnt want to be left behind! Im thoroughly enjoying expressing my elven side its a great way to express your creativity in your virtual wardrobe!

Awesome Event Best in Jeans Club eNlighTeNed

Thank you everyone who made the event Best in Jeans @ Club eNlighTeNed on 25th of June (SL Time) a huge success as normal everyone had a great time was such a relaxed group of people and Dont won 1000L wow! Congratulations Dont! As always i am looking forward to our next event, who knows what the theme will be but one things for sure you dont want to miss out! So see you there @ Club eNlighTeNed

ViRTuaL ATTIRE News Update Blog

Wow what a month it has been at ViRTuaL ATTIRE we have been head down bums up working hard to keep bringing you your ViRTuaL ATTIRE daily addiction and bringing you new designs to add to your ViRTuaL ATTIRE collection. We released our first couples outfit His & Hers Green Eyes with a huge response from the Second Life Community Thank You for your continued support ViRTuaL ATTIRE Group members.

Several Projects are under development including a exclusive ViRTuaL ATTIRE Elite Store that is nearing completion the Botique will be open soon so everyone better be on there best behaviour in the main store! As its invites only and only by me the owner of ViRTuaL ATTIRE.

Plans are being developed to redesign the ViRTuaL ATTIRE Business in a Box which i know will be hugely applauded by many resellers also we are fast approaching the start of the ViRTuaL ATTIRE Affiliate package and after the hundreds of queries i have recieved i know this will be appreciated by the Second Life Community ... bear with us though the affiliate will need to grow large before i can release it.

More blogs soon pics of stuff coming